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Current Portfolio


Centurion Group Limited (www.seanicusa.com)
Seanic Ocean Systems (Seanic), based in Houston, Texas, was formed to address the growing demand for simple, rugged, and reliable subsea tooling for remote intervention. Along with engineered solutions, Seanic also offers experience in the design, manufacturing, storage, repair, and maintenance of subsea products.


Okeanus Science & Technology LLC (www.okeanus.com)
Okeanus, based in Houma, Louisiana, was formed to provide highly specialized rental equipment to ocean scientific, environmental, and subsea customers, serving both the domestic and international markets.


SeaRobotics Corporation (www.searobotics.com)
SeaRobotics Corporation provides solutions to challenging tasks in the marine environment using practical applications of autonomous and unmanned systems technology. SeaRobotics’ broad range of experience includes fielding numerous systems over the last 10 years.

Ocean Projects Ltd.

Ocean Projects Ltd.
Ocean Projects Ltd, based in Bermuda, is a subsea resources company focused on the seabed surrounding the Bermuda coast. Having secured the mining rights of key areas around Bermuda, the company is positioned for future resource development opportunities.


Geofac Systems Inc. (www.geofac.com)
With a focus on geospatial information systems, GSI develops systems, applications, software, analytical solutions, enterprise asset management systems, SCADA solutions and business processes. Its industry experience includes electric, gas, water, wastewater, oil & gas, pipelines, and government clients.

BlueGill Investments

Bluegill Investments LLC
Owns and develops commercial real estate in Florida.

Tres Delfines

Tres Delfines LLC
Owns and develops commercial real estate in Florida.

Pelagic Strategic Partners LLC

Pelagic Strategic Partners LLC
Management and advisory services company.

Exited Portfolio


Pipeline Services International LLC (www.pipelineservicesintl.com)
Pipeline Services International LLC (PSI), based in Houston, Texas, is the first company in the United States to focus exclusively on commissioning, decommissioning, and abandonment of pipelines. The PSI advantage is that the company has been structured to offer the exclusive services of pipeline commissioning and decommissioning.